websites for small business and SEO


We offer professional web design, SEO & PPC services to give your start-up or existing business an online edge.

Freelance web designer, let’s work together closely to bring your vision to life!


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Websites for small business can be created from scratch or your existing website can be improved. We will work with you to ensure your vision becomes a reality, we can also offer helpful advise and insights based on our previous success.


seo services

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is still a very important tool for a modern business. An optimized website can be a strong marketing tool, generating business with extremely low running costs. It also promotes professionalism & discoverability.

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PPC advertising goes one step further in the act of customer generation. Some business’ needs require tailored & specific advertising runs to bring in the best quality and most relevant customers, we can build and run these campaigns.


Websites for small business: The first stage is meeting to discuss what the needs are for your business and exchange ideas on the design and operation of the website. We will also discuss competitors and the what goals need to be achieved.


A plan will be created to begin working on the project immediately. Throughout the process communication will be important, all businesses are different so having an insight into operation, technical information, photos and more will only improve the project.


Your website is growing and starting to generate traffic after a few months, a new stream of customers has been created and the website is on it’s way to becoming strong and permanent tool for your business. Continuing optimization is offered.