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PPC Advertising Southend

Is your business waiting for customers? Atech Websites offer help with PPC (pay per click) advertising for your business. If you are searching for effective marketing options for your business then PPC is a great way to achieve a strong funnel for customer generation.

There are many options when looking at pay per click advertising and it can be extremely time consuming and costly to explore these options without the necessary experience. Many businesses are already using PPC campaigns, a quick google search will show the top companies for your chosen search terms advertising in Southend.

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PPC Advertising Options

Depending on your business niche PPC may be the most effective option when trying to generate customers. Some markets are so saturated it is impossible to appear within the top 3 results in a search engine, in order to beat this a well crafted pay per click advertising campaign or multiple need to be created and managed. We can offer the following:

  • Ad Campaign Creation: The steps to create PPC campaigns can be complicated and very often lead you towards a path of maximum spending. We create these campaigns to gain full control over spending and lead towards maximum efficiency.
  • Ad Creation: We craft well written and researched ads that best match your business and it’s products or services.
  • Ad Campaign Targeting: A benefit of pay per click campaigns is they can be targeted. These campaigns can be localised to specific areas or to different people.
  • Ad Campaign Optimisation: Once a PPC campaign has been created it will need to be monitored and optimised when data from the initial campaign launch has been gathered. This includes new search terms, negative keywords and bid management.

We have extensive knowledge and experience dealing with Google Adwords (Ads) and will work continuously to ensure your campaign is running at maximum efficiency and within budget constraints.

PPC Packages

Google Adwords (Recommended) – Please contact us to discuss how PPC advertising can help your business generate customers effectively.

If you would like to discuss a website or marketing package you can contact us.